Asus B760M BTF motherboard

ASUS has announced the TUF Gaming B760M-BTF WiFI D4, a unique motherboard with connectors on the back. This design has the potential to make cable management much more straightforward and give your PC a cleaner look. However, this approach also has some drawbacks to consider.

In fact, this isn’t even a new idea not even for ASUS. Placing all power and interface connectors on the opposite side of the motherboard isn’t new. Over the last few years, motherboard manufacturers like MSI (Project Zero) and Gigabyte (Project Stealth) have experimented with this idea. ASUS also introduced a similar concept called DIY-APE a few months ago, which was designed to be compatible with Intel 600, AMD 600, and future motherboard chipsets. With the launch of the Intel B760 series, ASUS is now unveiling its first motherboard based on this design, but with a new name.

The TUF Gaming B760M BTF is a Micro-ATX design that uses the most affordable Intel 700 chipset currently available. The main idea behind this motherboard is to make cable management much easier by placing all the necessary connectors and headers on the other side of the motherboard. However, this approach only works if the PC case has all the necessary holes for easy access to these connectors.

Firstly, not all PC cases have holes or cutouts in the back panel to accommodate the connectors, which could make installation and cable routing more difficult. Or alternatively, the PC case will have to be built to accommodate this type of motherboard. This could be something for the future. But as a PC builder showing cables isn’t such a bad thing when done right.

A Little about the ASUS TUF Gaming B760M-BTF

This affordable motherboard is compatible with the LGA1700 socket and is specifically designed for use with 12th and 13th-generation Core i5 processors as well as non-K i7 processors. It features four DDR4 memory DIMMs that can support a maximum of 128GB of memory when overclocked, with speeds of up to 5,333MT/s. This allows for ample memory capacity and high-speed performance, making it a suitable option for those looking to build a mid-range PC with moderate computing requirements.

The B760M-BTF motherboard boasts impressive connectivity options. It includes a PCIe Gen 4 x4 slot and a Gen 4 x1 slot, as well as a PCIe Gen 5 x16 slot that is directly connected to the CPU. Additionally, there are three M.2 slots, each powered by x4 PCIe Gen 4 lanes, with two from the B760 chipset and one directly from the processor. This allows for fast and reliable storage options, which is important for those who work with large files or require quick access to data.

In terms of connectivity, the B760M-BTF features a WiFi 6 chipset with support for Bluetooth 5.2. This allows for fast and reliable wireless connectivity, making it a suitable option for those who require high-speed internet access or wireless connectivity for peripherals. Overall, the B760M-BTF is a great choice for those who want a high-performance motherboard with excellent connectivity options.

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