EK-Quantum Inertia Body standalone pump-tops

EKWB are coming out with a new  EK-Quantum Inertia Body standalone pump-tops. These are designed to replace the original D5 pump tops. Giving a 15% increase in Hydraulic Performance and adding addressable RGB lighting.

EKWB are offering two different finishes as replacement to there D5 Top pump range. Both designs are CNC machined. Once has a black POM acetal finish. With a milky white piece to help defuse the RGB lighting. The other model is clear acrylic and has a black cover to hide the LEDs from view. This help eliminate any LED hotspots on the top pump.

EK-Quantum Inertia Body standalone pump-tops
EK-Quantum Inertia Body standalone pump-tops

The top pumps are use a standard 5V RGB connector with the lighting effects being manipulated by controllers and motherboards. The lighting effects can but changed using typical software suites available on most motherboard software.

RGB software

If needed the LED strips can be replaced by removing two screws that hold them together inside the top pump.

Each top pump has a single inlet at the top and outlet on the side. They use the standard G1/4″ threads. With both vertical and horizontal pump mounting. With these pumps EKWD claim that there is a additional 15% increase in hydraulic performance. There is also vibration reduction with a rubber shock absorber between the main body and mounting clip.

The pricing for EK-Quantum Inertia D5 Body D-RGB pump tops starts of at €75.53 around £68 in GBP or $86 in USD. They are currently on sale now on there site. 

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