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The term “gaming” is thrown around all the time within the computer industry. While some peripherals, components, and gear are set out to improve your game. Others are simply just using the term as a marketing gimmick to get you to invest in their products because it’s for “gamers”. These products don’t actually add any real-world value to increase your performance in-game. So what gear actually has the greatest impact on your gaming performance? 

This article is going to assume that you already have a computer with basic hardware and peripherals. In which you are looking to upgrade to its “gaming” counterpart. For example having a normal Ikea Desk then upgrading to a gaming desk or an Amazon Basic mouse and upgrading it to a Razor or SteelSeries gaming mouse.

Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk

A desk is a desk, either it be gaming, office or an old door. As Long as it can support your monitor and peripherals then it is perfectly capable of being used as a desk for your computer. There is no performance benefit to having a gaming desk. This is only for aesthetics, personally a nice big wooden desk that you can drill some holes in for cables is going to be better than a gaming desk.

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair by Secret Labs

This has been a new trend and honestly has no real effect on your personal performance in game. I would advise getting an ergonomic office chair which helps with being comfortable over long periods of time. But going all out on a Gaming Chair that you see streamers using isn’t going to improve your overall performance at all. It might add some endurance to long gaming sessions if you are upgrading from a stool. But otherwise you don’t need to go with a Gaming Chair just because it says gaming.

Gaming RAM

Gaming RAM by G Skill Tridentz RGB

Ohhh those RGB effect might look nice but as for performance ingame RAM doesn’t add any benefit. If you use an older computer and it is starting to run slow. Adding RAM will increase your computer’s speed. Especially if you have a lot of other processes running in the background. Also if you game is loading slow have better ram and SSD will allow you to jump into game faster. But from a general performance point of view Gaming RAM only adds some RGB effects.  Which might look great inside your computer but  your enemy is not going to notice the RAM you are using.

Gaming Mouse Pad

razer firefly v2 gaming mouse mat

Is spending $50+ really worth it to get a top of the line gaming mouse pad. Probably not while the surface you do play on does help improve your accuracy especially if the surface is glossy. Or you might have limited space on current mouse pad then getting a gaming grade pad the can stretch across you desk might be worth. Generally speaking a mouse pad or you desk is good enough to use. A gaming mouse pad is a upgrade but won’t have the same impact on your performance as others on the list.

Gaming Keyboard

Behold the glorious RBG effects as your press WASD. Hearing the mechanical click as you dish out those macros on an unsuspecting victim. The word “gaming keyboard” doesn’t actually add that much to performance. A Mechanical Keyboard vs a membrane keyboard will be better feeling  and due to the bounce back of the switch. But what’s the difference between a good typist keyboard and a gaming one when it comes to performance. Pretty much nothing. Choosing a keyboard is all about price point and preference on how you will like your keys to feel and not necessarily getting the gaming version so it will increase your performance. If you are a typist or a gamer a Mechanical Keyboard is worth the upgrade. Just not in the sense of getting a “Gaming Keyboard”. The only real difference is going to be the RGB lighting.

Gaming Router

gaming router

If you are using wifi to game on. Which i don’t recommend, the best way to eliminate packet loss and lag is going to have a wired connection. But if you are using a shared connection or can’t get a wired connection. Then upgrading your router might help if you are looking for low latency performance. Upgrading should only be done if Lag is an issue while you game and is the only other option.

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Moniter LG Ultra Gear

If you are looking for a way to get quicker reflex time then a gaming monitor actually is a pretty decent upgrade. Going from the standard 60Hrz refresh rate to a 144hrz on a gaming monitor is going to increase your overall reflex time. There is a noticeable difference between the refresh rate while playing. Enough to give you a competitive edge over someone using a standard monitor. While it might not be a must have it is definitely worth looking into if you already have a mouse and a computer that gives decent FPS.

The image above displays LG’s new Ultra Gear 27GN950 144 hrz gaming moniter with 1 MS response time.

Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset Steel Series Arctic 7

Once you upgrade your mouse it is time to upgrade your headset. First of all it’s 2020 and if you are playing competitively then communicating with your teammates is essential. Not only is communication important but being able to pick out your enemies position by sound is only going to help you add frags to the scoreboard. In Fact depending on your mouse this might actually be a more important upgrade.

Graphics Card

MSI RTX 2080 Ti-Gaming X Trio Graphics Card

Back in my competitive playing days, gaining the all-important FPS boost increased my overall performance in-game tremendously. Nothing is going to hurt your game performance more than having a major drop in FPS while a smoke grenade is going off or entering a large area. Graphics Card and a Mouse are going to be your most important upgrade when playing any sort of PC competitively.

(Please note: having a capable processor is important too, but processors don’t include the term gaming. So won’t be making the list.)

Gaming Mouse

Razor Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse
Razor Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is one of the more important features and is my recommendation for the first peripheral upgrade. When getting into competitive gaming or gaming on a PC in general. A normal mouse is literally a normal mouse, while a gaming mouse becomes an extension of yourself unleashing raw power as you flick shot unsuspecting enemies with your higher sensitivity or quickly and effectively switch weapons while being able to strafe. With added side buttons allowing you to set different keybindings like switching a weapon or throwing a grenade helps improve your reflex time and allows you to open up more room for micros and presents on your mouse.

Order of Importance

If you are looking for a upgrade to one or more of your components take a look at this list to see which one will be more important to upgrade first. If you already have a headset and mouse maybe you can complete your setup with a gaming keyboard. Or you FPS might be under performing meaning it is time to upgrade and get a new Graphics card or processor.

  1. Gaming Mouse
  2. Graphics Card
  3. Gaming Headset
  4. Gaming Monitor
  5. Gaming Router
  6. Gaming Keyboard
  7. Gaming Mouse Pad
  8. Gaming RAM
  9. Gaming Chair
  10. Gaming Desk

To have a gaming PC that is capable of being competitive you just need a good mouse and a solid frame rate and solid internet connection. Everything else is just icing on the cake. If you already have a solid PC and Peripherals then Yes you can complete the setup to have a gaming Chair and Desk but these are non essential to your overall performance.

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