Nintendo Switch Pro Controller how to connect to PC

Not all games are suited for a mouse and keyboard. Imagine trying to play FIFA with a keyboard. It doesn’t work all it does is take the fun out of the game. But if you have a Nintendo Switch Pro controller or a Joy- Con laying around.  Then you can actually use them as a controller to play FIFA on your PC with better graphics :P. Switch Pro Controllers already have bluetooth capability for wireless connection. If your computer does not support bluetooth you can always connect it  to your computer using a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Here are our step by step instructions on how to connect your Switch pro controller to your PC.

How to connect your Joy -Con Controller to PC

Yes you are able to connect your Joy-Con controllers to your computer through Bluetooth connection. One tiny little hitch thou, with the Joy-Cons they will only recognize each single controller and not both of them combined. This will make it harder to play more complex games. Plus they are tiny. If you are playing a classic and want to use the Joy- Con then it is pretty simple to set up.

Here is how you can connect your Joy-Con controller to your PC.

How to connect Joy Con- Controller on Windows 10

  1. Goto System Setting and Choose “Bluetooth & Other Devices” or Press Windows Key and Search “Bluetooth”
  2. Double Check to make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on. The toggle switch should be Blue. If not the switch the toggle to the on position.
  3. Now we need to sync the Joy Con Controller. Press and Hold the the Sync button on your Joy-Con. The sync button is locations between SR and SL buttons at the top of the controller. Press and Hold the button until you see the green light.
  4. On your computer Click Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
  5. A List of available devices will appear select the Joy Con controller.
  6. Now the pairing process should be complete. There will be a solid green dot on your Joy-Con to show that it is sync with a device.

If you are having trouble make sure the Joy-Con was disconnected from your switch and repeat the process.

How to connect a Switch Pro controller to your PC

Wireless Method

Nintendo Switch Pro controllers all support standard Bluetooth. This is how they communicate to the Switch after all. So Simply setting up a Bluetooth connection with your computer will get it up and running.

How to connect on Windows 10

  1. Goto System Settings and choose Bluetooth & other devices. Alternatively you can press Windows key and search “Bluetooth” to jump straight to the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Check if Bluetooth is on. The toggle will be Blue. If it is on a text with ““Now discoverable as <PC name>.” will be listed underneath.
  3. At the top of the controller near the USB-C connection there is a sync button. Press and Hold the button until you see a green light.
  4. On your computer click “add bluetooth or other device“.
  5. A list of available devices should appear. Select ” Pro Controller” to start the pairing process.
  6. Once the pairing process is completed. You will see a the word connected on your PC. Also there should be a solid green light on the controller itself showing the player 1 position.

Wired Connection

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller will work through a wired connection. Using any USB-A to USB-C. There is one included with your Pro Controller anyway.

  1. Connect USB-A Section of the cable to your Computer.
  2. Connect the USB-C section to your Switch Pro Controller.
  3. You will have to wait a minute for Windows to recognize the new connected device. There should be a audio cue once this is completed.

Configure Steam for use with a Switch Controller

Most game launching software should recognize that you are using a new device. Steam on there other hand sometimes doesn’t and you will have to enable it before you can use it with the launcher.

To enable your Nintendo Switch Controller with Steam follow these steps:

  1. Goto  Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings
  2. Then select ” Use Nintendo Button Layout” This will enable the default layout for the Nintendo Switch Controller.
  3. If you want to use Xbox default layout then leave this button unselected.

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