adding Spotify to Discord

Discord is a social platform where you can communicate and spend time with your friends virtually. But did you know that you can also share your favorite music with your friends on Discord through Spotify? By linking your Spotify account to Discord, you can easily stream music to your friends.

With Spotify, you can create a vast library of playlists that includes your favorite songs and followed podcasts. Furthermore, this popular music streaming platform seamlessly integrates with other apps and audio devices such as Google Nest, as well as social messaging apps like Discord. One of Spotify’s convenient features is that it allows other Discord users to see what you’re listening to and even join in if they have Spotify Premium. To take advantage of these useful features, you need to connect your Spotify account to Discord. We will guide you through the process so that you can listen to your playlists together.

How to Connect Spotify to Discord

  1. Getting Started

    To begin, open the Discord application and navigate to the user settings by clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom of the Discord channel.discord main screen

  2. Connections Tab

    Within the user settings, locate and click on the “connections” tab located on the left-hand sidebar. This section displays all the possible connections that can be linked with Discord.connections tab discord

  3. Log in to your Spotify account

    After accessing the connections tab, find the section labeled “connect your accounts” and select the Spotify icon. This action will open a new page prompting you to log in to your Spotify account. Once you have successfully logged in to your Spotify account you will, grant permission for Discord to connect.agree to spotify terms

  4. Check the connection

    Once the connection process is complete, your Discord and Spotify accounts will be linked. To verify that the connection has been successful, check your Discord profile for the Spotify badge. This badge displays your Spotify username (which can be hidden in the connections menu).

By default, Discord will display the song you are currently playing next to your name. This allows others to listen to what you’re playing on their computer, save the songs to their Spotify playlists, and even “listen along” with you. However, you can adjust these settings in the connection tab according to your preferences.

Moreover, if you have permission for any channel, you can invite people to listen to your Spotify by clicking the (+) button next to the chat. This generates a link that allows others to join in and listen to your music.

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