Intel might be looking to expand its manufacturing capacity in Europe. Most likely in Germany. Intel are believed to be making an investment of around €80 billion to $100 billion over the next ten years. The company plans on using this money towards research & development, most notably with 2nm (20A) or 1.8 nm (18A) processors. Intel are currently leveraging their own 7 nm process as well for most of their current offerings. While TSMC on the other hand are currently using their 5nm process with 4 nm 3 nm is planned for production later this year and 2023 respectfully.

Intel is already investing $100 billion into Ohio to create as apart of there long-term investment plan. They will simultaneously match their foundry efforts in Europe with help from local governments, and the primary target for these future fabs is manufacturing 2nm & 1.8 nm chips which means they won’t be operational anytime soon considering that node begins mass production no sooner than 2024 according to Intel.

The race for smaller and faster semiconductors has begun. The European Commission, in an effort to keep up with global competition have declared that expansionary production capacities are a geostrategic necessity which will ensure region-wide partners don’t fall behind while also stating the 2nm mark as target where we should make sure there isn’t any slip ups along our way down this path towards miniaturization and faster semi conductors.

Germany is the most likely location

While France and Italy are strong candidates for the new location. Germany has recently announced a 3 Billion Euro subsidy package for the semiconductor industry back in September. Intel is planning on slowly rolling out their foundries over a 10 to 15 year period giving time for Europe to come up with the 32 Billion required by intel.

These investment come in under the direction of Intels new CEO Patrick Gelsinger who has been under increasing pressure from his competitors to get ahead of the game. On January 21st Intel planned on investing 20 billion in Ohio which will rise to 100 Billion over the next decade.


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