Intel Annouce next gen CPU

In a official blog post John Bonini, Intel’s VP and GM of desktops and gaming. Announce there 11th Gen CPU’s for release in Q1 2021.

Just a day before AMD plan on showing the next generation Zen 3 CPU’s (Ryzen 7 5800X?). Intel come along and share a blog post on medium. Giving some insight into there own launch of there next generation CPU’s code named Rocket Lake.

“Though as you’d expect, we’re constantly looking ahead at what’s next and how we can make our desktop CPUs even better. With that said, I’m also happy to confirm that the next generation 11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors (codenamed “Rocket Lake”) is coming in the first quarter of 2021 and will provide support for PCIe 4.0. It’ll be another fantastic processor for gaming, and we’re excited to disclose more details in the near future. There’s a lot more to come, so stay tuned!” 

John Bonini, Intel’s VP and GM of Desktops and Gaming

This will be Intels first time supporting the PCIe 4.0. AMD on the other hand have been PCIe 4.0 compatible for the last 2 years. This should be the last generation for Intel and AMD solely supporting DDR4 memory as DDR5 is due for release sometime next year. We should be expecting these cards sometime in March 2021. No confirmed date has been released as of yet.

Rocket Lake Little Confirmed.

The majority of the Article posted by John went on to explain Intels commitment to gaming. Offering the best processing power on the market for games and the willingness to continue this trend into the future. The last paragraph of the articles is the one quoted here officially announcing Rocket Lake for early 2021. Remember this has nothing to do with AMD announcing there Zen 3 based chip tomorrow. 😛 While we don’t have much to go on in confirmed specs. Seems like they are just making the announcement before AMD tomorrow.

Rocket Lake hasn’t really been a secret and it was revealed well over a year ago. It is probably one of the most leaked CPU’s off all time. This article just makes to official, someone from Intel is actually confirming that Rocket Lake is in the works and should be released early 2021. We should suspect that Intel will make announcement about the unveiling of the chip once they see what AMD have to offer. Until then we will just have to look at the latest leaks of the chip to find out more.

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