Nvidia Might be parting ways with Samsung, Moving their production of the new Ampere 3000 GPU’s to TSMC. Currently, Samsung creates the chips on its 8nm process. But with a horrible launch that has lead Nvidia to apologize for the lack of inventory on launch day. They might be moving all or some of the production to TSMC on the 7 nm process. Now Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has been quoted saying that that they don’t want to “relying on one manufacturer” just incase issues like with the launch of the RTX 3000 series happen again. Their goal might not be to move the production but give TSMC more to work with.

The changing of manufacturers could lead to a new move by Nvidia. Samsungs  8 nm production is vastly different from what TSMC currently has to offer. Nvidia is already making the A100 GPU on TSMC 7 nm process. But now they will have to port their design from Samsung 8 NM to TSMC 7. Which is no easy task. TSMC 7 might be able to offer improved performance and power. This also might increase the price ever so slightly. But as of right now Nvidia does claim that they will be able to catch up with production by early 2021. At the same time, TSMC might be taking over the manufacturing.

Now the even bigger problem will be mixing the now current 8 nm Samsung chips with the potential 7 nm chips for the same cards like the RTX 3090. Why have two different cards under the same title? Not only did they not have enough inventory for the first set of customers. They will be giving the second wave of customers a while new 7 nm chip. This just sounds like a whole PR headache that I am sure Nvidia doesn’t want to be apart of. They had enough on the plate over the last few weeks.

Moving the 3000 Series Super Production to TSMC

What I think is the more logical approach is that Nvidia is gearing up for a mid-cycle refresh of the current CPU’s and will be Adding “Super Models”. Like they did with the RTX 2000 series. They will have TSMC doing the production moving forward on the RTX 3080 Super while keeping Samsung in the loop with the RTX 3080. 

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