Noctua have just announced two new products for their redux line. An updated NH-U12S which is the lines first cooler and a NA-FK1 an secondary fan kit to complete the package.

The Redux NH-U12S is a “ Streamlines, accessibly priced version” of their original cooler states Noctua. They are using the same proven layout for their heatsink but have made some notable changes compared to it predecessor. These changes are made to lower the price of the product compared to NH-U12S. The SKU is the same just with the Redux branding. Essentially your savings is around $20 USD per unit but as mentioned above there are a few changes that were implemented to achieve this $20.00 reduction.

Here are the major changes made to the Redux NH-U12S:

  • The number of  heat pipes have been reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Change the fan from the NF-F12 PWM to a NF-P12 Redux – 1700 Redux Model. Which raises the noise levels of the fans and also runs and different
  • Low-noise adaptor and set of clips for second fan optional are now about of the  NA-FK1 fan kit
  • Added Pre-applied thermal compound. Normally they include a tube for multi use purposes. 

Below is a comparison table of the changes.

As mentioned above the NA-FK 1 fan kit that they released is meant to be an add-on attachment for the cooler to have two fans. This should lower the noise levels of the fans since there are two fans running at lower RPMs when used together.

At the end of the day this release meant to help lower the cost on their line up. Leaving it up to the consumer to decide if it is worth it to have a slightly louder fan and less heat pipes to save around $ 20 USD.

List below is a video of Noctua explaining there new product and the differences.

By drewsly

For as long as I can remember, I had always had an interest in computers and games. It all started with the SNES and moving on to the Playstation 1. Eventually this passion evolved into PC gaming. With playing my first competitive game being Battlefield 2142 and then moving into COD4 Promod. I have always been a keen PC builder and enthusiast but couldn’t afford to go after this passion until later in life.

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