RTX 3060

People are still trying to get their hands on the RTX 3080 and 3070 GPUs. With the release of the RTX 3060 coming in just a few weeks. Nvidia decided to relaunch the RTX 2060 which was previously discontinued to make way for the new RTX 3000 series. Yes, you heard it right they are relaunching the previous generation RTX 2060 ahead of the new RTX 3060.

The launch of the 3000 series was hit with stock shortages across the map. Limited supply has meant that a large number of consumers have not been able to get their hand on the new series. Nvidia has not yet made an official statement as to why they are releasing thing RTX 2060 ahead of the launch of the new 3060. This might be a sign of concern since the demand for the new RTX 3060 is so high that releasing a previously discontinued model seems odd.

I am going to run with the assumption that Nvidia expects there to be even further stock shortages with the release of the RTX 3060. Having the RTX 2060 might help with stock levels but still feel that the majority of users are going to be still looking for the 3000 series. There is no word yet if 2060 will receive a price drop. But the new 3060 or 3060 Ti offers way more power and value for money compared to 2060. If they can drop the price on these cards it might not be such a bad deal. There is still the issue of not having a 3060 of course.

Overclocking.com originally shared this information with multiple sources stating that the GeForce RTX 2060 is already being distributed to board partners and system integrators. Giving their partners enough inventory to start distributing stock.

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