RTX 3090 Ti reveal

Today at the CES Keynote. NVIDIA GeForce SVP / GM Jeff Fisher Briefly teased and release Nvidia’s new flagship card the Geforce RTX 3090 Ti a higher clock version of the current Flagship card RTX 3090. I said briefly I meant briefly touch upon the card. Giving us very little information before a formal reveal later on this month. We might be able to get our hands on this card by February or even late January. But we will have to wait and see what pans out.

For now, Nvidia only confirmed that the card single-precision (FP32) compute performance of 40 TFLOPS is a 12% increase from the RTX 3090 or 5 Teraflops above. VRAM is going to be pushed a little harder, with 21Gbps GDDR6X versus the 19.5Gbps of the original RTX 3090.

RTX 3090 Ti

At this time that is all Nvidia is willing to give up. A brief little snippet before the official reveals later on this month. But it is going to be a monster of cards with this increase because the current 3090 already was. The price for this card is going to be monstrous too but Nvidia also confirms more economical cards at CES with the release of the RTX 3050.

By drewsly

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